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Magento Clustered Hosting

Did you know that one of the component parts of bounce rate is the response time of the site? If it is too slow, a visitor will not bother waiting, he'll just go to your competitor.


Magento is enormously extensible and flexible ecommerce system and it "likes" to run on a "beefy" infrastructure. However, running Magento on just single powerfull seever is not enough for it to rock and deliver the best performance. We've done a research and studied Magento inside-out and know how to make it literally fly and ammuse your customers by its responsiveness.


It has to run on a distributed server infrastructure with database replication, objects caching and all listed above should be doubled in order to avoid single points of failure and guarantee 100% uptime. At NMediaSystems, we've designed and implemented "Magento Web Cluster" that is built on top of 10 separate server machines that are ready to work for you serving every single customer request at the same time.


Magento Web Cluster consists of the following sub-clusters:

  • Application cluster

A couple of frontend load balancers route requests to application backends.

  • Database cluster

A pair of primary mysql servers lead "slaves" behind themselves replicating data and off loading primary mysql nodes.

  • Highly-available file server cluster

The file server provides shared file system to the to the application nodes where necessary, so they can use shared file system.

  • Objects-caching cluster

The purpose of object caching cluster is to keep already rendered objects in memory which reduces calls to hard drives off loading the database cluster and significantly reducing page rendering time.

  • Monitoring console

Separate machine is used to monitor the whole cutting edge enterprise class web farm 24/7 and alerting support team about all issues. Monitoring console guarantees 100% uptime and let us keep any issues that happen behind the scenes and taken care of immediately.


Magento Web Cluster can physically be located for you in Chicago or London data centers (or both if necessary with geographical load balancing) as you prefer depending on location of majority of your customer base.


There are two Magento hosting options: a) you can host your online store with us or b) we can assist you with builing similar hosting infrastructure specifically for your needs, just let us know that you need help.


Test Drive

If you would like to try out "Magento Web Cluster" with your store, just let us know. There are no obligations and the test drive is absolutely free if your current hosting serves you better than our "Magento Web Cluster".


How the Test Drive works? 

We will ask you for dump of your store (signing non-disclosure agreement of course) and will run a number of industry standard tests. Then the same tests will be conducted against your live system (if you allow us to do it of course at certain time). If the tests will show that there is not much difference in performance between your current hosting and our "Magento Web Cluster" we do guarantee money back!

If you enjoy seeing your store running 2-3 times faster at least (in terms of response time), you are welcome to consider moving to us.


If you consider moving to us, we will find the most cost effective hosting plan for you based on your needs.


Test Drive as available for as low as ! Order NOW!