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Magento Pdf Invoice

Magento comes with a template for PDF Invoices, PDF Credit Memos and Shipments that don't satisfy everyone. 

At NMediaSystems, we've decided to improve this area of Magento eCommerce system and have developed this extension that generate PDF Invoices, Credit Memos and Shipments in much better format.


Magento PDF Invoice is installed so far on 200+ online stores worldwide.

This is version 2 of the extension which includes following improvements:

-- support of older versions of Magento since 1.3 to the latest version;
-- complete internationalization which means it is absolutely compatible with your language!
-- support of all types of Magento products;
-- Shipments are added in this version as well;

The extension is compatible with Community, Professional and Enterprise editions of Magento.


These are samples of NEW Invoice and Credit Memo that our Magento PDF Invoice extension generates:

These are samples of default Invoice and Credit Memo that come out of the box:

If you would like to see demo, please visit demo installation:

Frontend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com 

Backend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com/admin

Login: demo

Password: demo123


To change the addres, logo, footer and VAT Number, please go to Admin area -> System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Invoice and packaging slip design. In the dialog box, you can enter your company information. (Please note: 1) the extension does not modify any Magento core files, so even if Magento core is updated on your server in the future, Magento PDF Invoice will still work; 2) the extension does not require installation of ioncube or any other decoders and will successfully work on standard LAMP setup)

The installation is simple, takes a couple of clicks and is described in the guideline within the package.


Magento PDF Invoice is available for as low as ! Order NOW!