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Magento integration framework

magento integration, inventory and ordersMagento Integration Framework interconnects Magento with external inventory providers. As a result, Magento plays a role of a powerful frontend web facing application that plays role of a core business critical application keeping massive marketplace on its shoulders.


Magento catalogue integration

Interconnection begins from importing catalogue from external system, alien format into Magento DataFlow format creating configurable, bundle and grouped products which is a challenge at first. Second step here is to keep Magento catalogue up to date with the external retail system which should be done on regular basis.


Magento orders integration

Every time an order is placed on the web application, it is necessary to communicate about the conversion back to the retail system and decrement the stock. This has to be done in real time to avoid oversells. When your ecommerce system is interconnected with multiple retailer systems and customer baskets contain products from different brands / retailers - you need to communicate the sale to all of them. We've achieved this and are proud about the results!


Integration framework

We have built a very flexible, extensible and powerful Magento integration framework that allows you to adapt to almost any possible interface: either flat xml / csv / json files or REST Web Services.


The solution perfectly meets needs of online resellers or distributors.


If you plan to integrate you ecommerce system with 3rd party systems, we'll be glad to help.