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Magento Deployment Suite

NMediaSystems team introduces deployment suite for Magento!


 Large, high-traffic ecommerce installations typically have to be deployed within clustered hosting platform. The challenge is to deploy web application to application and file servers quickly and reliably while staying compliant with internal change control / management policies.

Every release that goes out to production environment from development has to be reviewed on code level and pushed live to all cluster nodes with one command.

As any other enterprise level web application, Magento has its security specifics: resources that are open for web server for writing and the rest that are read only, and it has to be taken into account in deployment process.

We have spent many hours fine tuning Magento deployment for best performance of the application, process agility while keeping compliant with change control policy requirements of our clients.


As a result we've developed Magento deployment suite which streamlines deployment process and includes the following:

  • branching / tagging code base for next release
  • code release deployment to application servers
  • encoding / precompiling certain application components if necessary
  • change control and diff code review
  • opcode & objects cache flush


The solution is built on rsync, ant and shell scripting. The package includes deployment scripts, installation guideline and deployment procedure.


If your organization faces the same challenge, our Magento Deployment Suite is available for only . Order NOW!