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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer money back guarantee?

A: We do guarantee money back, if there is any problem and the extension does not work on your server as advertised.

Q: How does the extension submit the details to Google?

A: It does not. The extension provides data in special format to Google which will show up in search results as soon as the site is indexed again.

Q: How is the extension configured?

A: Rich Snippets can either be enabled or disabled, that's why there is not much configuration in Magento Backend.

Q: Is it compatible with custom themes?

A: Absolutely, as mentioned above. You will not need to touch your theme in order to enable Magento Google Rich Snippets extension for your site.

Q: Which versions of Magento are supported at the moment?

A: All versions since 1.3 to 1.7+

Known Issues

The extension is not compatible by default with the following extensions:


Please order installation as well when ordering our Google Rich Snippets extension and we'll enable compatibility for you.

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