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Magento Cache Warm Up

Magento does require caching system to stand in front as it is a powerfull and scalable ecommerce platform and subsequently can be slow.

As well as having caching system in place, we did realize it is vital to warm up the cache too for great experience and performance of the site.

Whatever caching system you have in place, we've got a universal Magento cache warmer solution.


Recursive approach vs Statistical Page Popularity approach

While it is quick and easy to run through relatively small store recursively, it is a challenge for large stores and recursive cache crawling may take weeks to fetch all pages which is ineffective.

We've found a solution for large stores with statistical analysis approach. We analyze pages popularity of the pages and then cache crawl the most popular pages first and least popular pages last.


Configuration of the cache warmer is very straightforward, here is the configuration section from Magento backend:


This module will cache crawl your site on regular basis as you want it to or by default every 12 hours at 5am and 5pm and make Magento to build up any missing cache for you pages!

All crawled pages are logged in a store related log file in case you would like to keep an eye on what pages have been crawled.

The extension is compatible with Community, Professional and Enterprise editions of Magento.


Magento Cache Warm Up extension is available for as low as ! Order NOW!