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Improved Google Shopping for Magento

Magento is well integrated with Google services including Google Shopping.

Google Shopping integration will help you to generate more quality traffic by exporting your products catalogue to Google Product Search engine. In addition to exposing your products in Google Product Search, the integration will allow to run very attractive Adwords campaigns called “Product Listing”. The beauty of “Product Listing” campaigns is that additional product attributes are included to the ads, such as product image, price, etc.

So, there is already existing core Magento extension for integration with Google Shopping, what did we make?
The integration is there, however you have to manage it and do it regularly: upload new products, synchronize updated and “due to expire” products, and all of it manually via Magento backend interface which is not designed for heavy long time taking operations and very often times out.

With Improved Google Shopping for Magento extension, all this product management is done automatically in background (cron job) nightly or weekly. All you need to do is to install and configure our extension, the rest will be done automatically and you can forget about any Google Shopping management you’ve done before.

The extension introduces automation of the following routines:
•    Export newly created products to Google Shopping
•    Delete all disabled products from Google Shopping
•    Synchronize all updated products to Google Shopping (this is done by the core module as well, however on the fly when products are edited which slows down content management)
•    Synchronize all “due to expire” products to Google Shopping (by default products expire on Google side in 30 days after creation/update)


Configuration is very easy, you can choose to export configurable products only, delete disabled products and specify email address for notifications:

Magento cron job configuration:


If you would like to see demo, please visit demo installation:
Frontend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com
Backend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com/admin
Login: demo
Password: demo123

The settings reside in Admin Area -> System -> Configuration -> Improved Google Shopping (on the left in the Sales section)
The cron job that exports the products can be seen in Configuration -> Scheduler -> Schedule Configuration, it is called imrpovedgoogleshopping_synchronize


We didn’t reinvent the wheel and didn’t build the integration functionality from scratch – we’ve developed the automation on top of the existing core functionality.


Improved Google Shopping for Magento available for as low as £95.00! Order NOW!