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Improved Google Shopping for Magento

Magento is well integrated with Google services including Google Shopping.

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So, there is already existing core Magento extension for integration with Google Shopping, what did we make?

With Improved Google Shopping for Magento
The extension introduces automation of the following routines:

Magento cron job configuration:


If you would like to see demo, please visit demo installation:
Frontend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com
Backend URL: magento.demo.nmediasystems.com/admin
Login: demo
Password: demo123

The settings reside in Admin Area -> System -> Configuration -> Improved Google Shopping (on the left in the Sales section)
Improved Google Shopping for Magento available for as low as ! Order NOW!

"NMediaSystems team has demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge and competence in working with us. The TYPO3 Content Management System that they implemented has already led to an increase in traffic to our website that will be instrumental in growing our company."
-Tracy Yun, CEO, Manhattan Review


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