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Ecommerce Solution

Our core competence is building ecommerce sites from A to Z.

Where does a succesful ecommerce solution start? At the very beginning we need to define the "what?" the "why?" and the "how?"in other words the goal, purpose and tools to achieve your online goals.

Goal and Purpose. Goal of an ecommerce site is more less well known - sell more of your products, serve the community and grow your business. Most likely, you know the desired targets to achieve, your market and competitors.

Unlike the goals and purpose, the tools and methods are not known so well. This is where we can help because it is our area of expertise. 

So, where do we start? What is the plan and what the main steps are? The main steps to achieve your ecommerce goals are:

Business idea and Online strategy development

This is the time when we ask you a lot of questions about your online goals and we develop together specification describing all business requirements.

1.1. Specification development

When the specification is ready and we know what we want to tell and what we would like to let your clients do on your pages, we design page schemes with all necessary blocks, messages and interfaces.

1.2. Page schemes development

Now, this is time to add some colours and pictures and invite designers to the conversation.

Design, Identity and Usability

Designer gets technical specification, page schemes and picturize your business vision into beautiful web pages prototypes - mockups.

2.1. Mockups design

Once the mockups are ready, it is time to make sure that the future website is going to be convenient for your customers to use before we connect art and technology.

2.3. Usability analysis

Once the usability expert has given us his feedback on mockups, we are ready to turn the mockups into web browsers readable format and create page templates.

Technical implementation of the System

3.1. Page templates coding

Almost there.. the web browsers can now understand our business vision and display the page templates to our customers. However, we still need to add some logic and workflows to the process and dress the most powerful and extensible open source ecommerce software in our design.

3.2. Dressing system in the design

The system should now have most of the desired functionality, look exactly how we want it, reflect our brand colours and identity. Some custom  logic may still be needed to be implemented.

3.3. Custom logic implementation

3.4. Functionality testing

Excellent. The system has been tested  and works as desired. Should we go live now?

3.5. Deployment of the ecommerce solution in our cloud web cluster hosting

Brilliant. We are live. However not many people know about us yet. What do we do? Marketing.


There are various ways to market your products and services. However, the most effective are: to teach search engines about your products and services that are listed on your website. Once search engines learn about you, they'll send traffic, in other words - your potential customers and you'll start receiving orders and calls. This is called Search Engine Optimization or simply

4.1. SEO


If you need help with any of the above or all of it, we are one of the leading UK Ecommerce consultancies and have all necessary skillset in-house and we are ready to help.

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