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Case study: Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is the largest of the three English exam boards, awarding 49% of full course GCSEs and 42% of A-levels nationally. In total, students take over 3.5 million exams with AQA each year.

AQA has a leading reputation for promoting education for the public benefit and draws on long experience of setting and marking public exams such as GCSEs, A-levels and other qualifications. AQA also offers first class support for teachers and learners. AQA is at the forefront of development of new qualifications, such as the forthcoming Diplomas.

The Challenge

The Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) was interested in moving its web presence to enterprise level content management system to manage huge amount of digital resources for its customer base that includes teachers, examiners, moderators and examinations officers. AQA required CMS that would give its departments ability to conveniently, quickly and securely update various sections of the web site providing content managers access on the need to access basis. Considering extremely high traffic that the website gets with multimillion monthly audience, the solution would have to have capability to be responsive while hosted on relatively inexpensive server platform.

AQA preferred to use benefits of one of the open source content management systems and after consultations and evaluations with independent experts, decision has been made that only Typo3 CMS, one of all available on the market, satisfied all requirements of enterprise level content management system.

The Result

NMediaSystems experts worked in partnership with AQA on preparing CMS solution for content migration from old website to new content management system keeping both systems transparently interconnected for end users while migrating the content.