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Our approach

Who we are

NMediaSystems is Open Source systems integrator, your open source partner.


Our mission is to deliver the most reliable, efficient and cost-efective web systems for your business benefit.

How we do that

We take the best world wide open source products and assemble them into higly cost-effective solutions using our expertise and knowledge base.

Assembling several separate sotware systems of different origin and vendor, we integrate these systems together using modern single sign-on technology. Utilizing single sign-on technology in our projects, we deliver for our customers large web presences on the web which include such systems as content management system, ad management system, eCommerce software and CRM and which look completely indivisible for your web audience.

Why you should rely on us

One of the most important concerns that we hear about open source is that it is hard to rely on the software because there is no company in charge behind it. 

To avoid such an uncertainty, NMediaSystems signs a Service Level Agreement with you, supports you and makes sure your online presence has no down time and all business requirements are satisfied and implemented.


"Magento is a robust e-commerce software application designed to be simple to customize."


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